Rain Behind the Gutter

Other than just a clogged downspout, we have found this to be one of the most common issues with gutters. Water is a creature of habit- once it has found a way to the ground, it will keep following the same path. Often found on longer runs of gutter, because the longer the run the larger the drop. The average drop is about 1/16 of an inch over every foot. If the run of gutter is 32ft long, by the time we make it to the downspout the gutter drops 2 inches. This gives the water plenty of chance to find its way behind the gutter. In the 1st image above you can see water running behind the gutter, down the fascia, and will eventually drip to the ground from there. The second image is an extreme example of the drip edge not being long enough. In this case, we noticed the water dripping out of the soffit. In time, the wooden fascia board will rot out and the gutter will begin to sag. Eventually, left unrepaired, the fascia and the gutter will completely fall. In image 3, you can see the material we would use to fix the leak behind your spout. It is a thin strip of aluminum cut to fit under the existing drip edge and guide the rain from your roof into the gutter. In image 4, you can see the drip strip properly installed. Most of the time this issue is noticed if it is over a high traffic area, like the front door, back door, or garage. If it’s not corrected, over time you will notice a trench forming in the ground along the house. If you see water dripping behind the gutter, either running behind the gutter down the fascia or through the soffit, please call us 717.814.8595, or send us an email at info@yourgutterguy.com.

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