It Drips from the Corner

While installing the corner piece of a gutter a bead of silicone is placed between the 2 pieces of gutter.  Very often the silicone will give way before the aluminum gutters do. The dripping, over time, can lead to discoloration in decking.  If it is dripping above a portion of concrete will eventually lead to cracks in the concrete.
In most cases the fix is so simple, a bead of silicone where the 2 runs of gutter overlap is all that is needed to keep the water from dripping out and through the seam.  If it requires more than just a bead of silicone we can also remove the old miter, (corner piece) and replace it with a new miter.
Call our friendly staff at 717.814.8595 if you are having a drip from the gutter.

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