The spout needs to be rehung

A common early spring repair.  After the winter has taken it’s toll on our homes, yards, and our patience. The snow as it slides down the roof line and catches the lip of the gutter on the way down can pull the gutter away from the fascia board.  We don’t see it so often on homes with newer gutters installed within the past 5 years.   The fasteners used to hold the alum gutters to the house has changed.  The standard fastener, in the past was the spike and ferrule.  It was not much more than a 7 in nail driven through the front of the gutter and was left with 2 inches to fasten to the fascia board. 
The images above show a gutter that was slowly pulled away from the house.  We tapped the spikes back in and added some reinforcement hidden hangers with screws to hold the gutter up tight to the fascia board.  If you or someone you know has a spout that looks like it is going to fall off the house, please call us and set up an appointment for our team to come out and fix the issue before it gets worse.

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