Repitching a Gutter

The reason we have gutters on our house is to take the rain running off the roof and direct it where we want it to go.  If the gutter is not pitched correctly the water will not go where we want it go.  We are creating a great breeding place for mosquitos. It may be able to handle a slow rain, but when we get a heavy downpour, it will overflow in all the wrong places.
How does this even happen?  Could be the house settling, could be the weight of debris or snow and ice pushing down on the gutter, or it could just be poor craftsmanship.  In this case, I’m leaning towards the house settling.  The homeowner noticed the rain pouring over the gutter on to a bush. We loosened all the fasteners, tilted the gutter the correct way, and resecured the gutter to the fascia.

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